5 Reasons to…Give Wine as a Gift

Choosing a gift for someone has become more and more difficult. The reason may be that we all have everything we need and not only.

The arduousness of the decision is the reason why some people, like me, set the problem aside until the last moment.

Has it ever happened that you bring a gift to someone and you never see him or her wear it or use it? At that point you realize that the present was not appreciated, even though you might have spent lots of money.

It is quite difficult to choose the right gift especially when it’s for someone you don’t know that well, for example your boss, a collegue, in-laws, or even someone you want to successfully impress.

I discovered the perfect gift that everyone (I hope) always appreciates: wine, yes wine!

Here are 5 good reasons to choose wine as a gift:

1) You can’t go wrong

A bottle of wine difficultly remains on a shelf. You rarely meet someone that never drinks wine and if so, they certainly know someone that does.

2) A wine for any budget There are many wines to choose from. Depending on the occasion, you decide whether to buy an easy-drinking wine, without spending a fortune, or an important wine that will impress who receives it.

3) A wine for every occasion A formal invitation? Wine! A celebration? Wine (better if sparkling). A very private candlelight dinner? Wine (this time go for a red, it’s more captivating).

4) Wine is conviviality What better way to spice up a rendez-vous!

5) Wine is chic! Bringing a bottle of wine gives the allure of a connoisseur. Make sure you know something about the wine and its characteristics. In this way you will certainly have a fascinating story to tell!



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