A Classy Lady With Much to Say Fazio Wines’ Pietra Sacra Reserve 2008

So, what are we talking about? Wine…obviously!

At our last wine tasting, blind, as usual, we had a great experience. One of the wines, protagonists of the tasting was  Pietra Sacra 2008, Erice DOC Reserve, of the Fazio Winery from the North-Western part of Sicily.

A short note about this family-runned winery that dates back to four generations. It was the two brothers Girolamo and Vincenzo Fazio that converted the family properties into a modern and efficient wine estate, producing more than one million bottles yearly,  exported throughout the world. The vineyards cover 100 hectars and are located in the province of Trapani, Italy’s major wine-producing area, where northerly winds and sea breezes create the best microclimate for healthy, grape-producing vineyards.

The Fazio family has also had an important role in the determination of the Erice DOC in 2004 which has enforced the link between winemaking and its territory.

Pietra Sacra Erice DOC Reserve is a 2008 vintage of 100% Nero d’Avola, Sicily’s most acclaimed grape variety. According to the  disciplinaire, to become a DOC Reserve, the wine has aged 24 months in French barriques and has rested 12  months afterwards, prior to release.

Here follow our wine experience notes:

We chose to pour the wine in a decanter before serving, to oxygenate and incite the aromas to come through.

The wine flows vividly in the glass showing a good consistency. The color is a luminous and  lively tone of  garnet-red, evidencing we are not in presence of  an adolescent but of a classy lady, with much to say.

The nose is captured by the intensity and complexity of the aromas perfused where ripe, red fruit, balsamic notes spread, evolving into tertiary scents of toasted and leather.

The sip fills the mouth broadly with flavours coherently corresponding with the aromas. The wine is rounded and well-balanced with elegant enticing tannins.

The Pietra Sacra Erice DOC Riserve was very appreciated by the sommeliers that rated the wine with high scores. A truly great experience.

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