Coffee Circus in Mosta is not Just Coffee!

That’s right! This cozy welcoming Café set in front of the beautiful Dome in Mosta, not only serves high quality coffee but also wines!Kristina our lovely host, enjoys organizing wine tastings for friends and wine-loving clients.I take part to the event giving an easy-going lecture explaining how to analise the wine in the glass first with our sight, then our nose and at last, our mouth.I must say guests enjoy participating to this interactive session which soon becomes a convivial moment during which they share their wine experiences.The wines served during our last meeting in December were a white and two reds.

Ottoventi Punto 8 – the crisp freshness of this Sicilian Grillo grape variety enhances the nose and mouth with citrus aromas and tropical fruit. Great acidity and minerality reveal the terroir of the Ottoventi winery set on gentle slopes that reach the sea.

Ottoventi Punto 20 – same winery, same minimal designed lable for this fresh, fruity version of Sicilian Nero d’Avola.Feudo Disisa Adhara – a gentleman this Syrah wine, gives a sweetish first impression but instantly opens powerful with spicy notes of black pepper, ripe red fruit and herbal notes.


Stay tuned for the next event!

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