Excellence Begins from the Vine – Part 2

As we were saying about quality wines, there’s a big difference in producing low quality or excellent wines. If the agronomist or winemaker wants quality, he must give up quantity.

How does that take place? It all begins when the vines are planted and only the best clones of a variety are chosen. The plants may not yield a great quantity of grapes but with the best characteristics concerning structure, aromas and flavours.Besides this, in the month of April or May the green pruning takes place. The agronomist decides how many grape bunches must remain on the vine and eliminates the surplus. In this way the grapes grow healthy and the nutritive elements are concentrated on the lower yields.Another element that is obtaining great attention and awareness is the organic cultivation. Organic means banning the use of chemical products against parassites and eventual diseases of the plants, subsituting them with natural elements as sulphur. Chemical fertilizers are avoided as well and farmyard manure is a very good substitue also because besides nourishing the vines, it also enriches the soil.Harvesting the grapes by hand is also essential to obtain quality wines and for many reasons. First of all only the good grape bunches are selected avoiding the eventual rotten fruits.Mechanical harvesting, instead, picks up everything on the vine. Manual harvesting is also more expensive because of the manpower necessary. The grapes are set in small crates to avoid being crushed, causing an unwanted, precocious fermentation.

This alternative way of cultivating is more costly but the results are worth the effort.

Stay tuned to see what happens then in the winery. Wine Kultura!


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