Food and Wine Pairing Dilemma

Does it worry you when at the restaurant it’s time to choose the wine? The situation may seem even worse when dining with someone special or maybe during a business dinner-meeting. A few simple rules and hints can help you in a simular situation and also give a good impression of you on your guests. The question may be: “Why do we need to pair food and wine?” Simple question, simple answer. In life some people go better together than others and this happens also with wine and food!

This basic and easy start-up guide will steer you towards a happier food and wine marriage. However feel free to change things according to your taste for your perfect personal wine relationship.

1. Find a balance between the flavour and structure of the wine and the food. Don’t let the heavy weight of the food kill your wine or even a very structured wine overpower a light dish.2. Search for common aromas in both your food and wine, Nothing in common? Try to match and marry different aromas…remember, sometimes opposites attract!

3. Territorial pairing. Local foods go well with local wines. Born from the same soil or area, food and wine may inherit similar traits.4. Intensity. A rich stew calls for a rich style of wine. On the other hand, though, a hot and spicy meal prefers a wine lower in alcohol to reduce the hot intensity on the palate. You may also select a wine with strong aromatic attributes to pair with the flavours of spicy dishes. 5. Greasy, oily fried foods will benefit from an acidic wine able to cut through the fat and grease. Another suggestion may be pairing dry sparkling wines that clean the palate with its bubbles.These are just a few basic rules, however do not fear to make your own experiences. Don’t hang on the same wines once you’ve tried them. Taste and match and enjoy! Remember, good food, good wine shared among good friends is always a perfect match!






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