Kaid Syrah Late Harvest (Vendemmia Tardiva)

During our Autumn tour at the Alessandro di Camporeale Winery, grape harvest had already taken place. The vines had given their produce and were ready for the seasonal rest. We noticed a certain area, where grapes were still hanging on the vines. Red grapes that had turned dark purple as they ripened. They explained that these were the selected vines, the best vines of the Syrah variety, for the Kaid Syrah Late Harvest.The clusters remained on the vines to dehydrate, reducing part of their juice.A clip was set on each cluster so the vine would no longer nourish the fruits.

These grapes are picked by hand at the end of October, vinified and left to ferment and macerate on lies. Four months in French oak barrels, then six months of aging in bottles, and the result is an exquisite slightly, sweet wine of rare elegance.Kaid Syrah Late Havest entices with its extraordinary bouquet of aromas where black currants and wild cherries in alcohol, evolve into notes of tobacco, spicy black pepper and cloves. In the mouth the wine captures with its mouth-filling, generous taste, of exceptional character.

An all-season wine, a great meditation wine of long-lasting complexity. A great match with finest dark chocolate.

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