Scibà Zibibbo Passito

Zibibbo, an aromatic grape variety also called Moscato d’Alessandria for its probable, ancient, Egyptian origines, was brought in Sicily during the Arab domination.

Scibà Passito is an alluring dessert wine made solely with late harvest Zibibbo grapes and absolutely no sugar added.

Ripened under the Sicilian sun, these grapes are set to dry for three months, then processed and set to ferment under the attentive eye of the oenologist. Passion and centuries-old winemaking techniques produce this fascinating wine: Scibà Zibibbo Passito.

Its lively gold-yellow colour captures the eye as it slowly flows in the glass.

An intense bouquet of aromas entice the nose with scents of honey, dried figs and apricots, dates and raisins. A sip and your palate is coated with a silky sensation and overwhelming flavour.

Scibà Passito is a great wine to enjoy any time of the year, cool in the Summer, room temperature as an after-dinner meditation wine.

Pair it with desserts of all types, chocolate, ricotta cream-filled and almond sweets.

Excite your palate with a contrasting pairing of sweet and sapid, try Scibà Passito with Blue Cheese, Gorgonzola or Roquefort…irresistibly delicious!

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