Terra delle Fate…There must have been some magic…then a wine.

Wine Kultura 19 August 2016 019There must be a reason for calling a wine “Terra delle Fate” in English, “Land of the Fairies”. Fairies recall childhood memories of magic and mystery. Mystery certainly not but magic…yes indeed!

We asked about it to Mario Di Lorenzo, from the Feudo Disisa Winery, a 400 hectar estate located between the Monreale and Alcamo DOC in the Sicilian province of Palermo.

27 Aprile 2016 102

“Yes”, says Mario, “actually there’s something very special about this vineyard, called “Terra delle Fate”. According to an ancient belief, everything which grew in this particular area, was flourishing and of great quality. Fifteen years ago we decided to plant the Fiano grapes, which is traditionally a Campania region variety, in Sicily it is hardly grows. Besides the grapevine is noted for the low yields it produces, but the result is worth the effort. Evidently the vines found the ideal pedo-climatic conditions and the results are exceptional. The first wine from this two-hectar single vineyard cru, was bottled in 2007 and each year Terra delle Fate is receiving great appreciation”.

Terra delle Fate, fiano white variety, is certainly a wine to taste for an unusual exciting experience. It flows in the glass showing good consistency with its lively straw-yellow color. The nose is captured by intense aromtic notes of flowers, acacia, citrus and delicate spices. In the mouth the wine enters silky, the palate is coated by intense, concentrated flavor and the aftertaste is long and persistent.

A wine like this can be enjoyed throughout the meal from the antipasto to the main dish. A great pairing with fish dishes, even particularly elaborate and tasty.


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